Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day One | Shortened Drive, Our Hero Redbox and is the Super 8 Really Great?

Day one is complete. We were planning to drive to Bismarck, but when we arrived in Fargo, North Dakota I started calling around for hotels to discover the entire area was filled with flooding victims. The hotel clerk instructed me to "Turn around right now and stay in Fargo, you won't find any open rooms until Montana." This natural disaster is sure putting a wrench in our plans! So we opted for a Super 8, which met our needs but a hotel we wouldn't label as 'great'. The girls had 45 minutes to swim and then back to our rooms for a shower and to bed by midnight.

This is the best we could do for our North Dakota photo. A tie-dyed buffalo! We are hoping for a real sign when we hit the Montana/North Dakota border.

We want to take time to send a special thank you to Redbox for all that you do for us on our road trips. We visit your kiosks often. It is times like this that Scott and I agree that not allowing your kids to watch too much TV is a good thing. Because both girls have spent nearly the whole trip 'plugged into' movies. Some would say, "But aren't they missing the trip?" Scott and I would disagree ... we 'wake them up' every couple hours to turn their heads and catch the scenery of lovely North Dakota!

Day one: 272 miles (272 total); $0 on gas ($0 total); $0 on souvenirs ($0 total); $0 tourist traps ($0 total); Two states (Two total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total). 

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Back on the Road | Trip out West

We are back on the road ... we will spend twelve (12) days traveling West through North Dakota, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and Canada. Our original plan was to take the Amtrak train to East Glacier, drive to Seattle and fly out of Victoria, Canada. But due to flooding in North Dakota, the train track is under water, so we rented a sweet mini-van (Sunburst Orange Dodge Grand Caravan) to get us there instead. We will fly back from Canada.

The van is decked out with everything we need:
  • Satellite Radio for Scott with an iPhone jack
  • Power Inverter (normal outlet) for Rae Ann so she can blog on her PC
  • Separate rows and plenty of space for Paradis and Annelies - along with four power outlets for their DVD players and misc. electronic devices
Life is good on the road ... welcome back as we continue Drivin' the Dream!

Day one: 212 miles thus far (212 total); $0 on gas ($0 total); $ on souvenirs ($0 total); $0 tourist traps ($0 total); One state (one total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total).