Thursday, July 28, 2022

Girls at the Beach

Before Annelies returned to college, Paradis and her flew down for a visit. Anna came a few days early and Henry took us to the beach. Anna wanted to make salt, so a craft project began. 

When I picked Paradis up from the airport a few days later she let me know she was getting married. One week later!!

So we went out to celebrate. Twice. 

We then spent the weekend at a cute cottage in Santa Cruz, at the beach. 

We returned to San Jose and on their last day took CalTrain into San Francisco. 

It was a great week. When I first moved here I did not think I would see the girls so often. It may be unexpected but…welcome. 

Friday, July 8, 2022

Sin City for a Birthday

To celebrate Henry’s birthday I surprised him with a trip to Vegas. He didn’t know where we were going until we arrived at the gate. Below is the notepad in my shower (assuming everyone has one). 

We flew Southwest (love them!) and they gave a shout out to Henry’s birthday (thanks to a note in my crew gifts) as well as a tour of the cockpit. 

We dropped some money in a slot machine and checked into the Venetian. 

One of our favorite activities is people watching while sipping cocktails. So we made our way to Cabo Wabo and did just that. It was hot. 110° hot. Despite my dehydrated state, Henry was talking craps strategy. 

The next day we figured the only safe thing to do in that heat was hang at the pool and eat ice cream. 

The Lyft driver the day prior alerted us to the Warriors being in town so we bought tickets. A little day drinking and long nap, got us there with four minutes and thirty-six seconds remaining. Oops. It was fun. 

We went out a little later to avoid the heat and felt such relief in 99°. Yikes! 

The next day, Henry’s Birthday, was once again spent at the pool and dinner at Bouchons. We made friends with a couple from Germany at the pool and ended up going out with them that night. 

It was a great trip. Much fun was had.