Monday, December 24, 2018

Cancun Christmas 2018 - Day One & Two

Merry Christmas, from Cancun! The girls and I flew down yesterday on an uneventful direct flight. We were on the beach by 2pm and enjoying the sun. This is the first all-inclusive I have done with the girls and they seem to be enjoying it.

After a few hours on the beach we showered and went out for dinner. Annelies continues to be a picky eater and had some chocolatey cereal after our seafood dinner.

We are staying at Occidental Tucancun. The place is nice. A bit smaller than some other resorts I’ve been but it is clean, service is great, and the food is good. 

Paradis and I went to the bar after dinner and Annelies joined us after a couple movies. Paradis made some friends and hung out with them while Anna and I went back to the room. Annelies was worried when Paradis hadn’t returned by 2:30am and went looking for her. We had to a little chat this morning setting ground rules around traveling with one another now that they are adults. We continue to grow.

Day two began rather late as we slept in. We had lunch and plopped our butts in some chairs on the beach. The girls made it out to the water a couple times. We played BINGO from our lounge chairs. We ate guacamole and chips. We applied sunscreen on a schedule, which included alarms being set for the white girls. We had our photo taken with Santa. It was a perfect day.