Saturday, February 20, 2021

Second Month: Myrtle Beach

I am 50 days into my 85 day "move south for the winter" adventure and I couldn't be happier. The hours I spent researching a location were well spent. Myrtle Beach feeds my desire to be on the beach, my condo is a perfect location for walking everywhere and it is quiet enough to feel safe during a pandemic. I hate Covid.

As I embrace this nomad life (no·mad: a person who does not stay long in the same place; a wanderer) I am committed to making my home where I rest my head at night. So...

  • I found a dentist and got my teeth cleaned
  • I found a tailor to do some alterations on my dress
  • I found a place to continue massages on my aging hip
  • I found a hairdresser to cut my hair
It has been so easy to move my simple life 1,400 miles south. 

Annelies sent me a care package at the beginning of my stay with envelopes to open along the way. It was so darn sweet. So far I have received a box of chocolates (for Valentine's Day), some vodka (for a night of fun), money to eat out (when I don't know what to have for dinner), hand sanitizer (to stay safe), an ice pack (in case I miss the Minnesota winter...I don't), some soup (if I feel sick), and some candy (if I want a sweet). 

Annelies' Care Package

She also came to visit for a week. It was fun to have her and we agreed the two of us could easily share a one-bedroom apartment as she transverses through her college years. I just love that she is embracing my "less is more" philosophy. 

We spent the week walking the beach, eating out, visiting my favorite hangouts and doing what Annelies loves best while on vacation...watching Netflix. I've always known Annelies lasts about five days while on a trip before retreating to the room watching Netflix (she will never live down spending two weeks in bed in Hawaii). It bothered me at first wanting her to enjoy the experience as much as I but a few years back I stopped caring and figured we each get to make our own experiences. She loves travel in a different way than I do and I'm cool with that. It is cheaper too. 

Satisfying Munchies At Dollar General

My travel buddy Steve visited for a couple weeks, and his girlfriend Amy for four days. We had so much fun. We spent hours discussing travel post-Covid. I hate Covid. 

Travel Buddy Steve

Amy, Steve and I at Tin Roof

These two are so freaking cute!

Margaritas at Banditos

I have 35 days remaining. I am planning to return to Minnesota end of March and enjoy my favorite months at home...spring and summer. Anna heads off to college this fall and my mind is already planning the changes I will embrace to make this nomad life full time. I have concluded this experience a success and look forward to doing it more in the future.

Stay safe everyone. Keep your distance. Wear your damn mask. Get your vaccine. 

Rae Ann