Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Cape Cod

I spent a week over July Fourth in Provincetown (Cape Cod). My friend Mary, who lives in Boston, has access to a freaking gorgeous house on the beach and she was kind enough to invite me along. It was a college-reunion-of-sorts for everyone as they all went to UMD. I went to high school with three of them. 
Our Home for the Week

The Lovely Mary

Lisa, Mary, Jeff and I
Mary is an excellent cook, so while I worked during the day the three of them would prepare meals (although they spent much time on the lanai). I continue to be in LOVE with portrait mode on my iPhone.

July fourth was spent in Provincetown enjoying lunch (and drinks) while watching the parade. We enjoyed the fireworks that evening from our beach house. It was just a lovely day.

Outside of work I got plenty of time on the beach. The weather was absolutely perfect. I'm dubbing the summer of 2019 "The Nicholas Sparks Summer". I read nine (9) Nicholas Sparks books over a two month period. He is not my normal genre. I'm not sure if my brain simply needed some easy reading or if I'm craving a male companion. Probably both.

Friday night we saw Ms. Richfield in P-Town. Provincetown is simply...fun. Not only is it gorgeous but comes alive every night.

Ms. Richfield - from Richfield Minnesota
Saturday my friend Meghann, who lives in Salem (but previously lived in Chanhassen) took the ferry to P-Town where we spent the day catching up and walking around. Meghann lived in P-Town years ago and has such fond memories. I would love to spend some time in P-Town at some point in my life. It is just gorgeous - and fun.

Meghann and I in P-Town
Sunday Nola joined us and we visited the Pilgrim Monument. It is a simple museum but has some rich history and a lovely climb to the top overlooking the harbor.

Nola, Rae Ann, Mary and Jeff
Intermixed with fun we ate delicious food, drank good wine and enjoyed one another's company.

Monday I took the ferry to Boston where Meghann picked me up. Tuesday I worked from Meghann's and returned that evening to Minneapolis.

Leaving P-Town
It was such a fun week catching up with old friends while being in my happy place (the beach). Thank you Mary, and Meghann. I am grateful for both of you.