The Quote Wall

Iceland: March 2024
  • On the first day in Iceland, while riding in the car, Rae Ann and Colin are discussing the landscape while looking at the mountain range. Rae Ann wonders out loud while looking at the Compass app on her phone, "I wonder what elevation we are at." Colin states, very slowly, while pointing at the ocean they are driving along, "Ah, sea level?"

South Padre Island: December 2019

  • We are in Mexico having lunch when Rae Ann took a sip of Annelies' drink (Sex on the Beach). After determining it was very strong she said, "If you don't get drunk from that there is something wrong with you". 
  • While in Mexico discussing all the pharmaceutical sales that occur over the border, and types of drugs people buy, Annelies said to 20 year-old Paradis, "If you are with anyone that uses Viagra, you should be worried."

Trip #13 | August 2018 (Madeline Island)

  • As we were figuring out prices, Annelies said "I can’t do multiclwtion" (inaudible), and Paradis says "You can’t even say multiplication".

Trip #12  |  December-January 2018 (Europe 2018)

  • We were going through security at the Houses of Parliament in London and a security guard approached Rae Ann "I need to talk to you about the knife in your backpack." Rae Ann says "Knife? What knife?" and suddenly realizes it is the butter knife she packed for their picnic... "Oh ya, that knife". The security guard searches her bag and says to the police holding the assault riffle "I did a risk assessment on her, not sure what she would really do with a butter knife". He agrees and says to Rae Ann "Just don't butter any bread while you are inside". She agreed. 
  • Annelies was attempting to use an automated hand dryer in London, and it wasn't turning on. She said "I think my hands are so white, it doesn't detect them". 
  • Paradis bought a new jumper (aka sweater) in London, and was wearing it under a too-tight jacket. As we were walking to see Everyone's Talking about Jamie in London, Paradis asked Annelies "Can you fix my collar, I can't move my arms."
  • The girls sat down to watch Happy Feet while in Paris, and they were speaking in French. Paradis said, "It just seems so emotional, and I have no idea what they are saying!" Annelies says, "I want to cry, and I'm not even sure why."
  • As Rae Ann was putting her postcard in a post box on the streets of Bournemouth, Annelies said "Watch it be a trash can". 
  • We were eating at a restaurant and after Annelies consumed a wine spritzer (may NOT be related, but important to mention) she poured some salt on the table and said in a serious tone "This salt is HUGE. Its like bigger than American salt." 

Trip #11 | July-August 2017 (Alaska)

  • We were eating a nice dinner on the cruise when the waiter came by to sweep the crumbs off our table with his fancy Crumber...Annelies says "I could use one of those for my bed."
  • We were standing in line waiting to board the cruise ship when the guy behind us, in an angry tone, says to his girlfriend "We are never taking this suitcase again. It sucks balls." That is one twisted piece of luggage. 

Trip #10 | August 2016

  • As we were driving in Newport, Rhode Island past all the mansions, Paradis all of sudden says "Holy Sh*t f*ck balls ... those are some huge houses."
  • While driving through the crazy streets of Boston and observing the people Paradis says, "Look at all the man buns."

Trip #9 | June 2015
  • As we drove through Yellowstone, and came upon a traffic back-up, Paradis says, "We are probably backed up because their is finally cell service."
  • While reading the 'rules' at Yellowstone which stated you should stay 100 feet from bear or moose and 25 feet from all other animals, Paradis said "So, pretty much stay 100 feet from anything that will eat you, but only 25 feet from anything that will maul you."
  • After only 35.7 miles on the road, Scott turned off. Paradis asks, "Are we making a McDonald's stop already?"

Trip #8 | March 2015
  • As we are watching the sunset over Haleakala Paradis asks, "Are you feeling all zen and in touch with nature Mom?" Rae Ann says, "Yeah, I'm feeling all zen but my back is killing me. Scott, are you feeling all zen?" Scott says, "I'm not sure if it's zen or just a sharp rock up my ass."
  • As we are walking out of the hotel Rae Ann asks everyone, "Is everyone reading the blog posts?" Annelies answers, "Why would I read it, I'm living it."
  • Rae Ann says to Paradis "I really like the color of that new swimsuit." While Scott is one inch away says "Ya, those cookies are great."
  • While hearing an aircraft of sorts over our heads Rae Ann asks Paradis that is near the window, "What is that above us?" Paradis responds, "That would be our $3,000 helicopter tour."
  • When finding a natural break in the rock wall that looks like a heart Paradis says, "I saw this on the internet and now I'm living it."
  • While driving to Pearl Harbor Paradis says, "I just finished a paper on Pearl Harbor. I learn so much in school, and yet the facts that stick with me the most are that Hitler only had one testicle."
  • Quickly after Paradis says "Hitler only had one testicle" Annelies shouts, "I told you guys he only had one testicle years ago. You never listen to me!"
  • While walking back from dinner Rae Ann saw a staircase leading to a shop lined with license plates. She backtracked to take a photo. Paradis said, "Mom, you realize that was a sex shop. Right?" I did not.
  • While on the shuttle from the airport to the car rental the driver says "No worries about getting out of the bus quickly, we are now on 'Island Time'." Rae Ann whispers, "Wrong. We are always on 'Rae Ann Time'". Paradis quickly responds, "Add that to the quote wall."

Trip #7 | March 2014
  • During a chilly trip Scott comments, "'I'm glad we brought the coolers, to keep our food from freezing." He was serious.
  • The night before having to wake up at 6:00am, Rae Ann is running around the hotel room packing and warning everyone, "Hey, 6:00am is going to come soon everyone!" At least 100 times ... 
  • As she was walking through the pelting rain and sleet in Washington D.C. Paradis says, "I'm not sure if I'm crying, or if my eyes are watering from the rain!"
  • In a complete panic Rae Ann asks, "Where are my glasses?" just to find them on her head!
  • After leaving Wilbur Chocolate, which followed a trip to Hershey Chocolate World, Rae Ann says, "I better put all this chocolate in the cooler or it won't have a chance." Scott asks her to clarify what she said, later giggles and says, "I thought you said 'I'll put on my fat pants'!'"

Trip #6 | March-April 2013
  • Upon wakening at 5:30am for the Denver Mint Tour Scott said, "They better have some cool coins if we have to get up this early to see them!"

Trip #4 | March-April 2012
  • "When it says, 'no RVs allowed on road', do you think that applies to us?" ~ Rae Ann, determined to hike Grotto Falls at Great Smokey Mountains by fighting the restrictions (while driving an RV)
  • “I woke up and found a sunflower seed in my armpit!” ~ Paradis, upon awakening during a long RV trip. She spends most of the drive sitting on the bed, which is about as messy as any teenager’s room!
  • “This is so embarrassing.” ~ Paradis, after pulling over to take a picture of the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle
  • “Everyone needs to wash their hands, because we all just touched 10,000 butt holes.” ~ Scott, after leaving the St. Louis Arch and touching a lot of handrails on the tour

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