Sunday, July 12, 1992

Europe: Family (1992)

In July of 1992 I went to Europe for the first time. I went with my mom and sister Rachelle. My sister Rhonda was living in London for work. We flew into London, visited Rhonda for a few days and then traveled around Europe.

This is the trip where I fell in love with London and knew travel would be a core of my existence.

Rhonda, Rachelle, me, and my mom - Rosalin

Rachelle and Roz in the Airport.

Meeting Rhonda in London

We visited the typical sites in London. Piccadilly Circus, Changing of the Guards, Speakers Corner, Covent Gardens, Victoria and Albert Museum, Stonehenge, Baths, Royal Observatory, Saint Paul's Cathedral, Lloyds of London, House of Parliament, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Trafalgar Square, Tower of London, and saw the famous "Mousetrap" play.

My favorite drink was a "Snack-Bite-Bitter-Black"

 I was fascinated by the Tube station and artists.

Royal Observatory in Greenwich.



On top Saint Paul's Cathedral

One of my favorite things: Brass Rubbings at St. Martins in the Fields

Tower of London

Check out my fanny pack!!

We traveled through Europe via a Eurailpass. We departed Victoria Station and landed in Dover where we took a Jetfoil to Oostende. The ride was rough. We took a train from Oostende to Koln.

Haagendaas in Koln with Rhonda

We rented a car in Koln (stick shift, different side of the road!) and drove through Germany. We visited Oppenheim, Heidelberg Castle and drove along the banks of the Rhine.

A castle in Germany with Roz and Rachelle

We visited Dachau, a concentration camp. I will never forget the feeling of being there. 

Check out our luggage! There were no wheeled suitcases at the time - only duffel type bags. Crazy.

A typical site - using maps to figure out where we needed to go.

The Berlin wall had only fallen the year prior and we visited Berlin. It was amazing to see the history with most of the wall remaining. We visited the Brandenburg gate. 

A part of the wall still standing.

We took a train from Berlin to Brussels. It was here where we flew back to the United States. 

Manneken Pis

Countries (4):
  • United States
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany
  • Belgium
Major cities/sites:
  • London
  • Dover
  • Oostende
  • Koln
  • Oppenheim
  • Heidelberg Castle
  • Dachau
  • Brannenburg
  • Garmisch
  • Bergbahn Heidelberg - ride on top of the Bavarian Alps
  • Berlin
  • Brussels

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