Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day Five: Nothing. Simply Nothing.

Day five consisted of this ...

Annelies watched Netflix

Paradis read, did homework and watched Netflix

I knit.
Scott and Paradis snorkeled outside our condo. They said it was great.
It was a mellow day of hanging out at the condo in the sun. The sun was out all day but it was mighty windy. Beautiful day.

Day Five: Gas $0 ($9.55 total); Lodging $428.50 ($1,590.86 total); Souvenirs $0 ($15.90 total); Tourist Traps $0 ($6 total); Fights 0 (0 total). || Airfare for entire trip: $8,470.08 (of which $7,228.08 was free, using miles). Car Rental for entire trip: $469.76. Note: I'm not tracking driving miles, Redbox rentals or states (2 total) for this trip.

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