Thursday, May 25, 2023

Vegas (for the) Baby!

My baby turned 21 on May 24 and we traveled to Vegas to celebrate! Annelies is staying with me for the summer so her and I flew in from San Jose. The Browns, Paradis and Parker, met us there. 

It was a fun long weekend. The “kids” hung out during the day while I hung at the pool, in my happy place. I had bought this shirt for Paradis when she turned 21 so I couldn’t resist adding one for Anna and I. 

We visited Mega Mart, gambled a bit, and drank alcohol at the Taco Johns. 

It was a fun weekend and great to see Paradis and Parker. It was Parker’s first “Prasnicki Adventure” and I think he tolerated my crazy pretty well. 

I have come to enjoy Vegas. Despite the heat it is a fun weekend with lots of variety for everyone. 

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