Saturday, March 31, 2012

Day Three: Fort Donelson, The King, BBQ and Graceland Too

Our day started at Wal-Mart, where I bought another tripod; a must for those roadside shots. We drove to Dover, Tennessee crossing into state #6 on this trip.

We made it to Fort Donelson around 10:00am and toured for a couple hours. Interesting stop – the kids loved the cannons and learning about the Civil War. Fort Donelson was held by the Confederate Army, but was taken over by Grant; it turned out to be one of the most significant battles of the Civil War.

On our way to Memphis we drove through some beautiful countryside; everything is so green here. The weather is almost perfect, not too hot but not too cold. Of course a trip to Tennessee wouldn’t be complete without paying our respects to The King. The Graceland tour was a little ‘commercial’, including an audio tour (no personal tour for $32 per person!), but it was fun to see Elvis’ home with all the original furnishings. We all had fun.

Memphis is the place for BBQ, so we stopped at a local joint and Scott and Paradis enjoyed some ribs. I had a pulled chicken that was so hot at one point I said, "I'm not sure if this is spicy or if my tongue is just on fire!" Annelies ate nothing ...

We crossed into Mississippi around 6:00pm and pulled over for our standard shot. Yes, Scott hated every minute of it, but was very cooperative! I just love that man. State #7 on this trip.

The best stop of the day, by far, was Graceland Too. I’m sure none of you have heard of it, but if you are ever near Holly Springs Mississippi you need to stop and visit the home of Paul McLeod, curator and creator. I use Roadside America to find our unusual stops, and that is how I heard of Graceland Too. It's a manic floor-to-ceiling (including the ceiling) tribute to The King. Paul drinks 24 cans of Coca-Cola per day and only sleeps four hours a night. The museum is open 24 hours a day -- he says to just knock louder at night. I couldn't even begin to explain the tour, but I will say the outside is completely blue (Moody Blue), there isn't one square inch of the house that isn't filled with Elvis memorabilia and I'm sure it doesn't meet fire code standards. Just look closely at the photo below ... that is how all the rooms in his home look.

Day Three: 342 miles (1306 total); $238.97 on gas ($739.37 total); 3 states (7 total); $0 Lodging ($0 total); $22.95 Souvenirs ($72.33 total); $122 Tourist Traps ($152.00 total); $3 Redbox ($6 total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total)

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  1. It sounds like it is going good! I am disappointed in the Graceland reporting...I thought we might get some better pictures! I loved Scott's facial expression at Graceland Too.. Have fun, drive safe!