Friday, March 30, 2012

Day Two: Lincoln’s Home, The Arch and a Big Bottle of Ketchup

We started the day driving to Springfield, Illinois and visited the home of President Abraham Lincoln. I have to say I was emotionally moved. Our government has taken ownership of a four-block area all restored to 1880. It was emotional to stand in the living room where 27 members of the Republican Party stood and asked Lincoln to be the presidential nominee; doesn’t matter your political views, he was a remarkable man that changed our country forever. We also visited his tomb which was, again, remarkable. The four of us, all history geeks, couldn’t stop talking about Lincoln on our drive to St. Louis.

We got on the road and stopped at a couple salvage yards in an attempt to get a few more license plates. If you are new to our blog, we have a license plate map at home showing all the states we’ve visited. It is uber cool. Unfortunately we struck out at every stop; the salvage yards are required to destroy the plates to avoid criminal use. Bummer for us.

We added the St. Louis Arch to our itinerary after leaving Lincoln’s Home and we are glad we did. Wow, an amazing architectural structure. I struggled a little with the ride to the top, as the ‘elevator’ is tiny, but Paradis played Red Solo Cup and My Name is Money real loud on the way up and down so I could go to my ‘Happy Place’. Since we dipped into Missouri, we added one more state to this voyage!

On our way south we stopped at the World’s Largest Ketchup Bottle. If you don’t know, my family is NUTS about ketchup. It is a necessity in our home, equal to toilet paper. I added a quote to the blog after that stop .. “This is so embarrassing,” is what Paradis said after we pulled over to take a picture, but then willingly jumped out of the RV while I set up the tripod. I just love her!

We crossed into two new states today; Missouri (we already had a state photo from our trip in 2011) and Kentucky. The Kentucky sign was across the river, and Scott refused to stop (what am I going to do with him?). So we went to a Welcome Center – notice my new head lamp Scott bought me for the trip. I love, love, love the red night vision light.

We ended the night in Murray, Kentucky at another Walmart!  

Day Two: 374 miles (964 total); $165.57 on gas ($500.40 total); 3 states (5 total); $0 Lodging ($0 total); $49.38 Souvenirs ($49.38 total); $30 Tourist Traps ($30 total); $0 Redbox ($3 total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total)

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