Monday, April 9, 2012

Day Twelve: Lots of Driving, Wisconsin and Home Sweet Home

Day Eleven we drove. And drove. And drove. 652 miles total. The girls hung out and finished homework while I packed and cleaned. I bring empty totes, so I can pack the last few hours. I was done unpacking Monday morning by 11:00am .. yippee!

We drove through Wisconsin on our final journey. State #14 for this trip. It was CRAZY windy. Scott could hardly keep the RV on the road. We had to slow down to 50 at times, and our mpg dropped to 5.8. Darn, that is hard on the gas budget.

We made it home around 7:45pm. The girls were so excited to see the neighbors, and their Easter baskets. That Easter bunny is gooood! Scott and Paradis returned the RV today (Monday). Yes, I let Paradis stay home from school as we didn't know when we would return, and she already had her home work done. Hope Annelies doesn't read the blog entry today. 

We were sad to say goodbye to our Jayco Greyhawk - it was a good ride. Literally. I'm putting in a plug for Charlie's RV Rental - Charlie was great to work with and the RV configuration was perfect for our family. Thanks Chuck!

Final Statistics:
  • 14 States Visited
  • 4,063 Miles Driven
  • 614 Gallons of Gas
  • 6.65 Average miles/gallon
  • $3.88 Average cost/gallon
  • Gas: $2,372.96
  • Lodging: $52.00
  • Souvenirs: $360.87
  • Tourist Traps: $839.81 
  • Redbox: $26.00
  • Fights: 0
  • Injuries: 1

When is our next trip? Scott travels to California in ten days, for his annual Baseball Trip with friends. In three weeks we drive to Kentucky, to celebrate Paradis’ 13th birthday at the Kentucky Derby (I'll be blogging). And two weeks after getting back from Kentucky, Scott and I fly to Vegas with friends. It will be a busy couple months. As for our next long road trip, probably in 2013.

Thanks for following us. Don’t forget to put your email in the box to the right if you want to get notification when I blog again. I love all the comments and emails. Happy travels everyone!

I want to end with a note Paradis gave me when we drove in the driveway yesterday. Almost every day I think about how little time Scott and I have left with our girls, and I feel so fortunate we can travel as we do. Thanks to my entire travel team ... I love Drivin' the Dream with each and every one of you!


  1. Fantastic blogging! I will miss the updates every day, so looking forward to hearing about the Derby, as that is one of my dream trips also! Do you have a hat yet?!

  2. Welcome back to MN! Look forward to future blogging and exciting travels! We'll miss each other by a few weeks - Nick and I are in Vegas at the end of this month, just before you two. See you soon! Keep up the awesome trips!