Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Back On The Road: Kentucky Derby 2012

We are back on the road my friends. To celebrate Paradis turning 13, we are heading to Kentucky for a week filled with horses. We will start our adventure at River Mountain Farm, where we will stay Wednesday and Thursday night. Both girls will take a couple riding lessons and simply enjoy the animals. Our room has a balcony overlooking the pasture; Paradis will be in heaven waking up to the sweet smell of horses, her favorite scent in the world (personally I think it smells like horse poop, I guess we differ a little there). Friday morning we will drive to Louisville where we will attend the Kentucky Oaks, the third largest horse race in the country. Saturday we will check an item off Paradis' bucket list by attending the Kentucky Derby, where we will witness "The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports"!

We have rented a 'sweet' Chrysler Town & Country to make our ride more enjoyable. It includes everything we all love; Scott gets his satellite radio, Annelies has a built-in DVD player, Paradis gets split seats so she doesn't have to touch anyone, and I have a 110V power plug-in for all my gadgets.

We left our screwdriver at home, as there won't be any junk yard stops on this trip. We have already visited all the states, so no illegal pull-offs to get State Sign Photos. But I'm sure we will find some adventures along the way.

Here is the birthday girl, 'plugged-in' to Pandora while simultaneously watching Annelies' movie. Friday she will officially become a teenager. All I can say is, "Where does the time go my friends?"

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