Saturday, December 8, 2012

100 Days until The Hike

We have 100 days until we hike to the base of the Grand Canyon. I thought it was now or never that we purchase shoes for the trek, so we have time to break them in. We went to REI and bought a few pairs of shoes ... yes, just a few. Let's just say REI was giving away $20 gift cards for every $100 spent, and we walked out with five pairs of shoes and $100 in gift cards! We will return to purchase additional items for our trip scheduled for March 20-31, 2013.

I did some research into hiking the Grand Canyon. We will walk down the South Kaibab Trail (7 miles of tight switchbacks), stay two nights at Phantom Ranch, and return on the Bright Angel Trail (9 1/2 miles). Only 43,000 people do it annually. Hopefully in 2013 that number will be 43,004. I know this adventure is 98% psychological and 2% physical; my traveling team is more than capable of physically doing this. I'll be working on exercising their 'psychological endurance' over the next 99 days ...

I haven't done any planning for this trip, other than book our lodging for the base of the Grand Canyon (thanks to my friend Kelli). So I researched lodging in Vegas, and booked The Venetian. I reserved a mini-van for driving the 12 days, and secured lodging for the night we return from hiking UP the Grand Canyon. I'm getting excited to get back on the road!

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