Thursday, April 2, 2015

Day Seven: Poolside, Lei Making, Nemo and Luau

Another day of simple relaxing. I started the morning at 6:30am staking out my poolside chairs. There are plenty of chairs, just not as many with umbrellas for four with the perfect view. I'm battling the Anderson family in room 4502. He works construction so is used to getting up at 4:30am. Today he blocked off 16 umbrella chairs. I'm ordering lunch and drinks on his room tab in retaliation.

Paradis and I went to a lei making class. We finished in seven minutes. Overachievers.

Afterwards Scott and Paradis went to find Nemo. We also saw whales swimming by our villas (the photos aren't spectacular). Everyone makes a mad dash toward the ocean as word spreads at the pools. I call it old-fashion social media.
After knitting poolside all day the stress was overwhelming so we showered and grabbed some great fish tacos as Ohana Taco. Then we went to a luau. The show was good, but my favorite part was visiting with a woman from Australia. You can only stare at half-naked men in grass skirts for so long (unless you drink a lot). But we did get some beautiful leis! 

Day Seven: Gas $0 ($39.55 total); Lodging $428.50 ($2,447.86 total); Souvenirs $115.80 ($131.70 total); Tourist Traps $106 ($475.60 total); Fights 1 (1 total). || Airfare for entire trip: $8,470.08 (of which $7,228.08 was free, using miles). Car Rental for entire trip: $469.76. Note: I'm not tracking driving miles, Redbox rentals or states (2 total) for this trip.

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