Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Final Stats | Spring Break 2015

For all my statistic fans, here it is ...
  • Total States: Four (4), only one new state - Hawaii
  • National Parks: Two (2)
  • Airline Miles: 9,004
  • Flights: Seven (7)
  • Gas: $73.58
  • Lodging: $3,437.55
  • Souvenirs: $509.24
  • Car Rental: $469.76 (three islands)
  • Tourist Traps: $775.60
  • Fights: 1
  • Injuries: 0 (except some surfing burns and coral reef tattoos)
  • Free flight, using Miles: $7,228.08
  • Free Hotel, using Points: $183.00
  • Knitting Projects: Three (one completed computer cover, one incomplete scarf and one seriously incomplete, yet complicated, sweater)
We take our photo in front of every state sign. It took the entire trip to find a welcome sign in Hawaii. We had to go with the one at the airport, on the way to baggage claim. Yep, Selfie Stick!

This is the eighth trip I have documented on this Drivin' the Dream blog. At this point there have been 16,617 total page views; over 2,000 during this trip alone. Crazy. I have no idea why people read this blog, but I hope you get something from it. If that is learning a travel tip, living vicariously through our travels, or validating you aren't the only crazy family out there, I'm glad I can be here for you.

Every trip we go on, I learn. My kids get older (thankfully Scott and I don't), and I enjoy them more and more as they mature. Yes, we run into challenges along the way but overall I just love traveling with this group. We have eight (8) states remaining. We will visit Yellowstone this summer, six New England states during the summer of 2016, and Alaska in 2017 (we are considering a cruise). At that point our first bird will leave the nest, and I will have to set another goal. Don't worry, I'll set another goal.

I'll be back this summer, when we hit the road to Montana. Until then, happy travels my friends. Get out there and explore this great country.  Rae Ann

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