Sunday, July 30, 2017

Day Three: At Sea

Day three of Alaska 2017 was spent at sea. We started the morning (at 12:15) with a Family Craft event in Adventure Ocean, the onsite daycare. Yep...we colored. My girls love crafts, and I cannot tell you how many hours we spent doing them while they were younger. I had a full room dedicated in my home simply for crafts.

The girls and I coloring flying fish. On the floor of the daycare!

Since we are on a cruise, I find it necessary to talk about food. I think some people cruise just for the food. Of course we are eating more than normal...but for some reason Annelies can't stop eating. I think she ate seven meals yesterday! She keeps saying "I am not sure if I am sick, or just hungry. Why am I eating so much?" Below is our selection of desserts - we are eating a lot of desserts.

It was a rough day at sea. A crew member told us this was the worse it has been the entire cruising season. Nice. As we walked around the ship we would see remnants of nauseated passengers...on the floor, the bathroom sinks, a little girl threw up in front of Paradis as she was walking up the stairs. Not good. But thankfully the girls and I were not affected. I kept saying "get your head around it girls, do not let it get to you". But by the end of the day my hips were killing me from bracing myself so I wouldn't fall over as we walked throughout the ship. I think we are in the clear. 

We went to an afternoon ice show. It was spectacular. I can barely stand up on this boat without tipping over, I have no idea how the hell those skaters do all those flips, etc.

After the show Annelies went rock climbing. As soon as she reached the top the crew member yelled "You need to come down because of the rain!" The weather has been pretty good - a bit windy and foggy, but overall it hasn't rained that much. She had fun.

We took a quick nap, got dressed, and went out for dinner at the Sapphire, the sit-down meal option. The girls had fun. We ate escargot, scallops, shrimp, steak, tenderloin, and roasted duck. I do not like seafood, and do not eat much red meat. The salad was great. Seriously the food was good, and the company was better. 

Anna's water, my G&T, and Paradis' Long Island
After eating way too much, we returned to our cabin and...yep, I took another nap while the girls watched videos. At 10:30 we went to the evening show, and stayed for the adult comedian at 11:30. It was a perfect day at sea. 

Today (Sunday) we will set foot in Alaska, our 50th state. I hope I don't cry. I will. I know I will. 

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