Saturday, May 4, 2019

Vegas Baby!

In May of 2019 I went to Vegas. My main goal was to attend a ServiceNow conference (Knowledge 2019). My friend Greg flew out with me and stayed a few days. 

I was departing Saturday May 4, which is Paradis' birthday. We have a tradition to wake her with a birthday cake and my flight was at 7am. Needless to say Annelies and I were up early for that birthday song!

Greg and I arrived in sunny Vegas and started the day with a Bloody Mary. Okay, we started a couple mornings with Bloodys. That and the $8 steak breakfast at Ellis Island where we stayed (I had that...every. single. day).

Next we visited a couple casinos. The Kentucky Derby was being held that day so I placed a bet or two. If you followed the Derby in 2019 you know there was an initial winner but with a change later. I won the first time. Not the second. 

Sunday was Cinco de Mayo so after visiting some casinos (and lots of walking) we had a few drinks and nachos while listening to a mariachi band. Only Americans.

Monday Greg and I worked (me in the casino) and that evening went to Fremont street. This was my first visit to Fremont Street. It was fun, but the $40+ Lyft ride wasn't worth it considering there is so much on the strip. I don't gamble, but I really enjoyed the mechanical horse racing at The D Casino on Fremont Street. Quarter bets!

My Steak Breakfast at Ellis Island - While Working

Mechanical Horse Racing at The D
Tuesday the conference began. There were four other Patterson employees. Not only did I learn a ton I had so much fun with Scott, Bridget, Kyle and Eric. So much so I returned to Minnesota the next week and did all I could to work with their team. 

I love Scott!

Thursday evening we went to Beatles Love at the Mirage, courtesy of the conference. Wow! That was only my second Cirque du Soleil show but man those people are talented. 

Friday I worked from the hotel and airport and returned home in the evening. It was a great week. The ServiceNow conference was awesome, I met so many people and had some typical Vegas fun. 

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