Saturday, March 30, 2019

Final Costa Rica 2019

Our last day was spent simply getting back home. We had to be on the bus at 2:00am, so my alarm went off at 12:45am...that is the earliest wake up call I have ever had in my life. 

Checking in at an airport with sixty people is pure misery. We all boarded the flight with one minute to was crazy. In the chaos I left my backpack in the bathroom (got it back) and forgot to give my Cacique to someone checking luggage; security will be digging it out of the garbage at the end of their shift I’m sure. Sigh. 

But soon we were in the air and had an uneventful flight to Dallas. 

Uneventful until landing in Dallas. Someone left their bag on the plane so I sat in customs with her waiting for it to be found and battling with TSA while they sent a “specialist” to assess the safety of her medical equipment. Good lord. 

Overall the trip was great. Kids I got to see and do a lot in Costa Rica and I got to hang out with some cool chaperones. 

Final Stats: 
  • Seven (7) days
  • Two countries (one new)
  • Four (4) flights
  • 5,859 miles
  • 60,107 views of this blog
  • One book
See you again my friends! 

Rae Ann

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