Friday, December 27, 2019

Carbon Offsetting

I'm interrupting this regularly scheduled program to give you an environmentally friendly post.

If you are a long-time follower of my blog you know I like to travel. A lot. You may not know though that I am also a Master Recycler - a regular citizen who gets excited about waste reduction and inspiring others to make environmentally-friendly choices.

Air travel is the furthest thing from being an environmentally-friendly choice. I know that. I think about it often. I have actually lost sleep over it. I realize all this but drive a Prius, work from home keeping my daily commute to nothing, compost in a home that requires me to drive my garbage to a off-site location, do not use paper towels (cloths only) or Kleenexes (hankies only) and bring my own containers for leftovers when eating out. I work hard to reduce waste and make better choices. But what about my air travel? I can't "hybrid it"...but I can offset it.

Every time I fly I offset the environmental impact of my flight by protecting forests and supporting communities. I realize this is nothing compared to Greta Thunberg sailing across the Atlantic, but at least I am doing something. And admittedly, it makes me feel better.

Interested in offsetting the environmental impact of your flight as well? Great! There are several sites you can use, but I'll be honest in saying the information is overwhelming. There are so many organizations getting into this game, along with regulatory non-profits, and I do not have the energy to keep up. So regardless of what airline I fly I use Delta's offset link hoping they have someone on their team that is doing all that ground work. Click here to visit Delta's site. For this trip the girls and I contributed 1.267 metric tons of CO2 to the atmosphere (sorry Mother Earth) and therefore donated $10.14 to the Southern Cardomom REDD+Project. It doesn't cost a fortune and helps me sleep at night.

Happy (carbon offsetting) travels my friends!

The Delta site tells you how your Total CO2 Emissions

Our Carbon Offset Beneficiary

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