Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Covid Road Trip to the Mile High City!

I hate Covid-19. I'm sure no one loves Covid but I want it on the record...I hate Covid. To avoid sounding pretentious I want to acknowledge I sympathize with everyone impacted negatively by Covid. I'm sorry. But this is a travel blog so I'm using this post to document my travel impacts during this unprecedented time in history. 

I cancelled five (5) trips for that damn virus. Five. A week in Phoenix, a week in Orlando, a weekend in Vegas to celebrate my daughter's 21st birthday, a week in Cuba and two weeks camping in the middle of the desert experiencing Burning Man (for those concerned, I had a camper rented so it wasn't really camping). This doesn't begin to mention the trips I had planned but not yet booked. 

I clearly remember cancelling my first trip on March 19, which was a solo trip to Phoenix. I did so only because I thought I would be travel-shamed. I was simply going to hang by the pool drawing out the last days of winter so I figured I would take one for the team. Wow...how things changed rapidly. It is important to note on March 18, just a day prior to cancelling that trip, I bought a ticket to Burning Man which is held Labor Day weekend. I said "If Burning Man gets cancelled, which isn't until Labor Day, we are all f*cked". It was cancelled. 

I am now six (6) months from that first cancellation and I must admit my new normal feels...normal. I had a fantastic summer hanging at the pool, walking in newly discovered parks with friends, and having more phone conversations than I have had over the past six years. There are some good things that have come out of this pandemic no doubt. 

Today I am re-starting my travel life post-Covid. I am hitting the road with my friend Sheldon for a road trip to Denver. Why? No reason other than to get away, dip our toes into the world beyond the Twin Cities, view some mountains and most likely stop at a dispensary. 

You may remember Sheldon from a previous post when we went to Cancun. Ahhhh...Cancun. Remember the beaches, sun and all those frosty drinks? Wake up Rae Ann!!! Oh yes, I digress. For curious minds Sheldon and I's relationship has changed. Our friendship has grown stronger and I agree with our mutual friend when she says "you two are besties". I'll cut through the bullshit - we are no longer lovers. But I am grateful we navigated through the challenges of figuring out how we are best for one another and I am beyond excited he continues as my travel buddy. 

So here we are driving 12 hours to a city where flying would cost much less. It is a weird weird world we are living in. But I am excited to get back into travel, revisit some beautiful parts of this country, and get some "good old fashion behind-the-wheel" time with my bestie. We started a "Topic List" and I'm worried 24 hours will not be enough time 

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