Friday, April 13, 2018

Cancun 2018

This Saturday it is suppose to snow eight (8) to twelve (12) inches in Minnesota. It is April 12th.

I am in Cancun. Thankfully.

I flew here Wednesday with my boyfriend, Sheldon. We are staying through the weekend for nothing more than sun, sand and water. Ok...good food, a few drinks and afternoon siestas will be enjoyed as well. This is the first trip Sheldon and I have taken together although we have been dating for fifteen months. Every new relationship has stressors, but when you date Rae Ann Prasnicki - blogger to Driving the Dream, lover of travel and a truly passionate individual - "passing the travel test" is the biggest stressor of all.

I am happy to announce Sheldon has passed the Travel Test. I am hoping he will show up in my posts on a regular basis.

So I would like to introduce you to Sheldon...he is a kind, loving, funny, patient, cute and wicked smart individual who has taught me our hearts are strong enough to love more than once.

I have been to Cancun many times, and if you are a regular reader you know the beach is my happy place (Bar Harbor, Bournemouth, Portland Maine, Waikiki Beach, Savannah Georgia to name a few).

We arrived Wednesday on the 6:05am flight from Minneapolis. I love that flight because it puts you on the beach by 10:30am. I love Cancun because it is cheap, simple and the setting is perfect for a Minnesota winter get away. And for the doubters out there, yes it is safe.

Here is my travel tip for the day: Tell the resort it is your honeymoon and you may get a lovely upgrade. Second tip: When you forward the email to your teenager with travel logistics make sure to delete the sentence "We are excited to be spending our honeymoon at your resort and would love an ocean view room to enjoy our special week!" or you will most likely put some unnecessary stress on your child.

We are heading out for day three and I do not have much to update because we have done what everyone should do while they are here...enjoying the sun, sand, water and one another.


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