Saturday, March 27, 2021

Final Post: Winter at the Beach

This will be my final post regarding my three month adventure spending a winter at the beach. many hours on this patio

On my walks I would visit hotels and enjoy their amenities

"Long Live Rae". I did not write this. 

Listening to an audio book while sitting on Pier 14

I saved $439 by using my local library

I consider this adventure a success. I loved my condo. I loved Myrtle Beach. I loved my location in the city. I just simply...loved it. I walked every day (see stats), awakened to the sounds of the ocean, and moved my simple life south to a much warmer climate. 

I'm sad to say goodbye to Wilson, the footstool that replaced my previous ironing board version. I spent an unhealthy amount of time taping and re-taping the framework of this little guy (not to mention simply purchasing tape!) to hold up the many hours he spent beneath my tapping toes. Goodbye my friend. 

Wilson, a well used Amazon box

Click here to see the condo where I stayed (Meridian Plaza). It was perfect. My hosts Steve & Sarah ( were fantastic.

Final statistics:

  • Fulfilled a life-long dream of living on the beach
  • Read 25 books, all physical versions checked out from Chapin Memorial Library
  • Saved $439 by checking out books from my "local" library
  • Lived alone for the first time in 27 years
  • Walked 316 miles along the beach
  • Climbed 1,179 flights of stairs (lived on the 11th floor). You would think my ass would be smaller.
  • Enjoyed 174 meals on my patio overlooking the beach. Full disclosure: This is an estimate. My phone isn't that good. 
  • Connected with new friends
  • Completed a goal of wearing the same dress 100 days in a row (read more)
  • Avoided a Minnesota winter, without a care in the world
  • Avoided getting COVID (as far as I know). I hate COVID.
  • Pageviews: 195,500
I'm going to miss Myrtle Beach. In my initial post for this adventure I said "My plan is to never return to the same place twice". I'm not so confident of that now. 

I received so many messages asking for details on how I made this possible. I talked to several. During those conversations I heard longing in their voices to do the same. Life is short my friends. If this post motivates you to get outside your comfort zone, and fulfill a dream of moving south for the winter, hit me up. I would love to help you make it possible.

I just scheduled my Moderna COVID-19 vaccine for March 30! Woohooo!!!! Thanks to the brilliant scientists, politicians that believed in the science and the supply chain and logistic magicians at the State of Minnesota for making this happen. I am going to cry.

And more good news...I start a new job April 12 working for ServiceNow as a Platform Architect. Working for ServiceNow has been my goal for three years and I have worked hard to get here. I have had seven (7) different jobs over five (5) years, with five (5) different employers. My goal is to retire with ServiceNow (although my track record doesn't predict it). Regardless, I will wake up every day and "work the plan" that hangs on my bathroom mirror.

Safe travels my friends! Get a COVID vaccine. Wear your damn mask. If we all work together I am confident I will see you on the road soon. - Rae Ann

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