Friday, December 31, 2021

Hot Pot, Interactive & a Show

I missed a day of blogging because we had a slow day. I must start with a photo from the night previous when the girls used my work backpack’s built in bottle opener! I love their trouble-shooting skills. 

We made another trip to a cannabis dispensary. Warning: I’m jumping on my soap box… 

A part of me is hesitant to add the dispensary visit because of the stigma around weed, but that is just silly. There is no difference with sharing our experience at a wine tasting and that of a cannabis shop. Both are legal substances that are ingested with the intent to become impaired. If your brain has a tendency to think differently I urge you to open your mind. I’m not a huge weed consumer but I have adjusted my biases over the last few years and find it is silly it is still illegal in some states. Off soap box…

We made our way to San Jose and spent some time wiggling three people’s belongings into my 450sf apartment. Anna had shaved her head the night before so she cleaned that up a bit and dyed it again. 

The girls wanted a Hot Pot dinner, so off we went. 

Afterwards they wanted to hang at home for the night so that is what they did (while I returned our Turo car and went out with a friend). It was a good day. 

The next morning I grabbed a new Turo car and dropped the girls off at The Tech Interactive (like the Science museum in Minnesota). I was so happy when they took public transit back!!! 

Later that night we walked to a Cirque de Soleil show downtown (which was amazing!) and afterwards stopped by Christmas in the Park for a hot dog and over-priced hot chocolate. 

It has been raining a fair amount since Paradis arrived so we are looking forward to the sun making a presence the next couple days. 

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