Saturday, January 29, 2022

Public Transit Rocks

Today marks almost four (4) months into my “use public transit only” goal. The purpose of this post is to share my experience and hopefully make you think a bit about your own habits. 

Why set the goal? I am confident we all have to be a bit uncomfortable before we can make an impact on climate change. I also like setting goals to keep my mind young and…I like to freak people out.

I would like to challenge all of you to consider “being a bit uncomfortable”. You don’t have to give up your car but how about:

  • asking a friend to carpool if going out together
  • walking instead of driving at least once a month 
  • taking public transit to your next event (built-in sober cab!)
  • consolidate shopping trips to reduce driving
  • changing your opinion of those that use public transit as heroes not those with less 

Lessons I have learned, or benefits I have gained during the journey:

  • to give up control
  • to slow down
  • to plan ahead
  • to be more flexible
  • to have more empathy for those that do not have a choice to use public transit 
  • increased exercise from more walking 
  • more money in my pocket from the savings of no car, insurance, gas, or maintenance
  • new friends I met along the journey

Public transit is a catch-22 of sorts. People do not want to take it until it is more convenient but it can’t become more convenient until ridership grows. How will you contribute to the solution? 

Stats after three months:

  • spent $160 on fares ($40/month)
  • walked 334 miles
  • moved around via trains, buses, light rails, scooters, and car-sharing services
  • took two (2) Lyft rides (due to being too intoxicated for riding a bus at night as a single women…which is another post)
  • used a car-sharing service twice (Turo)
  • conducted all regular “life stuff” including shopping, going to doctor appointments, visiting the dentist and friends, going on dates, going to the beach, and much more!
My goal is to go a full year using public transit. I have no idea what comes after that. But I have no idea where I’ll be living in one year either. 

Public transit rocks! 

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