Friday, October 14, 2022

One Year in California!

I moved today. I have moved six (6) times in seven (7) years. Crazy, I know. But I am getting really good at it and find it cathartic to touch all my items and ask myself if I find value in them. Being a nomadic minimalist helps. I moved from Minnesota to California on October 1, 2021, with six boxes. I bought some essentials (e.g., a bed, desk, sofa). But while packing I discovered I have accumulated so much more over the last year. I started collecting mementos starting last fall. As I packed these items I realized, this has been a great year. 

I decided to stay in San Jose. I am literally moving across the street. Why? Because it will save me $7,000 which pays for the adventure I will be taking in December (stay tuned). When I first moved here I did not know if I would stay beyond my initial 13-month lease. But within weeks I knew I would not be moving until my next goal because it was clear I was going to love my new home. 

I signed a 15-month lease, through January 29, 2024, which will bring me to my next goal. That goal is for my next lease to be "across the pond", in Europe. I joined ServiceNow so I could work internationally and I am one step closer. I have shared it with my manager, who supports me, as well as all of you. No goal is a goal until it is shared widely. I am excited and nervous.

Many of you have asked if there is a sky deck at my new apartment as I spend endless hours there. I am happy to say yes and it is even better! 

My previous apartment was a 450sf one-room studio but I have increased that by 50% and now have a one-bedroom apartment with 677sf. I must admit the extra space is a bit overwhelming. I love the feeling a small space gives me. It is almost as if the room is hugging me every day. I will adapt I am sure. 

I want to celebrate I have gone 13 months without a car, using mainly public transportation. I am proud of reaching that goal and plan to continue during my time in California. What has this accomplished? 

  • I saved money, estimated at over $10,000 (which pays for my travel adventures) 
  • I walked more, around 1,800 miles over the year
  • I reduced greenhouse gas emissions, which is the primary contributor to climate change (cars and trucks create 38% of total climate change emissions)
So curious minds want to many boxes did I pack? Twenty-nine. I had things I did not ship from Minneapolis such as food and a stupid box of liquor I told myself I would never accumulate again (I have 15 months to drink it!). My packing was not as efficient either. It only took me five hours to pack (which included cleaning) and five hours to unpack. 

This sign has hung on the mirror of my last five bathrooms. Today I hung it in my sixth. I continue to do something every day to live these words. I hope you are doing something toward your goals as well. 

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  1. Of course! You are a rock star for adventure and for our planet. You shine and share that bright smile everywhere your adventure takes you! Enjoy your new digs and a big BRAVO!