Monday, October 24, 2022

Minnesota for a Wedding

This past week I returned to Minnesota with my friend Henry. 

We were celebrating the marriage of my daughter, Paradis, to my son-in-law Parker. 

It started as a working trip doing some prep for the wedding. Even while working I love hanging with my children. They are just lovely. 

We stayed downtown Minneapolis, which felt a bit weird but was so fun. Friday night we met some friends for drinks and saw Dessa at First Avenue. Both of which I love.

Saturday was the wedding celebration. Paradis had done all the planning and it was perfect! It was fun to see everyone that loves the two of them as much as I do.

Henry and I spent the last 36 hours road-tripping to my old stomping grounds on the North Shore. I took him to the best spots and along the way shared stories of my youth. Although I love cities more than small towns, and traveling more than staying put, it is always fun to visit. The weather was amazing!

It was a great week! The weather was absolutely perfect. I do love so many things about Minnesota but I am always happy to return to California, which tells me I made the right decision  

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