Monday, November 20, 2023

Hamburg, Germany

My goal for moving to Europe was to explore during the weekends and this latest I went to Hamburg, Germany. My friends Jess & Tobias live there and I felt as if I was on an organized tour. Not only did they host me in their lovely home but showed me their city and shared so much history. It was amazing. 

Friday night we talked non-stop catching up and consuming a few bottles of wine. Saturday we took the train into the city. They are life-long residents and are so proud and knowledgeable about Hamburg. The city is beautiful, consisting of natural canals forming one of the largest port cities in Europe.

Of course the city has a difficult history to recall but it was interesting to hear how Germany has changed their governmental checks-and-balances following World War II. Saint Nicholas church was bombed and they left it standing as a memorial. There is something oddly beautiful about the burnt structure. 

It was easy getting in our steps as we transversed through the city. We stopped at City Hall where Tobi was once sworn in as a police officer and then for some wine. 

After a couple glasses we walked out to a beautiful view and made our way to the Red Light District where we consumed the holiday mulled wine, Gluhwein, and took in all the interesting sights. 

After pizza we made our way back home and I crashed. Sunday morning I woke to yet another lovely meal and we took the car to the beach. 

Next we visited the Elbe Tunnel which is amazing! It was built in 1907 to connect central Hamburg with the stockyards on the south. It was a technical sensation at the time with lifts to transport cars and people. It is beautifully maintained.

The weekend ended with me making my way back home. Jess & Tobias are only five hours away by car so I hope to see them soon! 

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