Saturday, December 2, 2023

Düsseldorf, Germany

I jumped on a bus at 02:30 to check out the Christmas Markets in Düsseldorf, Germany. It was a cost-effective (€57) and efficient 24 hour journey. 

It took seven hours to get there, seven back, and I had nine hours in the city. Düsseldorf has eight Christmas Markets to explore. As you walk the city they just keep showing up. I would say there are some duplicate stalls but overall there is lots of variety. 

I started my morning with a rostbratwurst (unique sausage with a protected geographical indication under EU law) and Gluhwein (with amarettto). Yum. I guess my first stop was buying the mittens in this photo as my fingers have been so cold with my thin wool gloves. I had these as a young girl and my parents called them choppers. Great warmth for being outside in -2°c (28°f) for the day.

I jumped into a free walking tour and learned a few things. Most of the city was destroyed during the French Revolution as well as WWII so the city does not look or feel really old. 

Beer became a staple for Germans because the water was known to be unsafe, even children. As the night approached I stepped into one of the five original breweries that remains of the 120 that existed in the 1800’s. I had a goulash soup (think stew) that was amazing! The beers were small and with each new one the waiter would put a checkmark on your coaster. I had an apple strudel as well because “while in Germany…”

A couple vendors were roasting chestnuts, which line the streets in that canal photo you see above. I have been singing “chestnuts roasting by an open fire” for years and have always wanted to try them. The best part of them was this photo. They were disgusting. 

I returned to the bus a bit early as I was tired from only getting two hours of sleep and walking 19,000 steps (and having a few drinks). 

On the way home I continued to crochet the sock I started on my Copenhagen journey. It was a great day. I wanted to see some German Christmas markets and I would say that was accomplished. 

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