Sunday, February 11, 2024

Stockholm, Sweden

My first trip of 2024 was to Sweden, my 28th country. I took advantage of my companies Wellness Day on Friday and enjoyed a long weekend in Stockholm. I stayed with a co-worker, Ursula. The weekend was pretty chill with lots of gabbing. 

The first evening I saw a couple carrying an IKEA box down the street. I found it funny since IKEA was founded in Sweden (currently headquartered in The Netherlands). 

Ursula showed me around Stockholm on Friday. It was colder than I was used to in Amsterdam with day temperatures around -2°c (28°f). I was wearing all the wool I could layer. But it was sunny with blue skies, which was nice. 

Friday evening we enjoyed a Brazilian meal (Ursula is from Rio) and went dancing. The oddest thing is while we were out we ran into five other people from my company, ServiceNow. The odds of thatt are crazy considering there are one million people in Stockholm!

I am always amazed at how the world is more interested in American politics than Americans. I met this guy at a club. 

Of course any night with a few G&Ts results in a stop at 7-Eleven for a Swedish Hotdog (which includes shrimp salad). 

Saturday was pretty mellow. I did not get out until the evening but I grabbed a cinnamon bun that was delicious and ended at an Irish pub enjoying a cider and rugby game. 

My last day I visited the Vasa Museum. The Vasa is a wooden ship built in the 1600s that sank with minutes of setting sail due to a poor design. It was a fascinating story on how they recovered it and a beautiful piece of work. I took more photos of this ship than the whole weekend. 

It was a nice long weekend. Stockholm in the summer, sailing the Archipelago, is more my thing but it is always good to see some snow so I can remind myself I do not like it. I will definitely be returning. 

Let the 2024 travels begin!

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  1. Happy New Year Rae Ann! It was great to read your post, got to know about you in ServiceNow and have been following your journey. Happy traveling and let the travel posts keep flowing in.