Monday, December 11, 2023

Milan, Italy

Two nights before flying out I decided to spend the weekend in Milan. Although I told myself I was going to stay in the Netherlands for the remainder of December a cheap flight was calling my name. 

To get the cheap flight I had to spend all day at the airport Friday and again on Monday. My previous role made this impossible. I admit it was difficult to make the decision to change roles as I had worked my ass off learning to be a business consultant but this trip confirmed I think I am going to like this role. 


One of my goals while in Europe is to slow down. Work less. Turn off my computer at the end of the day. Not think about work on the weekends. I met a stranger on a train a couple weeks ago. We shared our stories and I shared this goal. I completely broke down crying. I have accomplished some amazing things in my life and working less is scary. Not because it defines me but because it is built into my soul and I am afraid of failing. But retirement is quickly approaching and I have to succeed. I succeeded this weekend!

I flew in Friday night and went out for pizza; as they say “while in Italy…” Saturday I walked around the city centrum and visited The Last supper painting by Leonard di Vinci. Amazing. It is located in a church refectory. Basically, a cafeteria for employees that do not get out much.


I went on a three-hour walking tour of the city and along the way visited the Sforzesco Castle. This thing is huge! 

I also visited the Galleria Vittorio which consists of some pretty bougie stores but also is an amazing structure. 

No visit to Milan would be complete without grabbing a Campari Spritzer and Negroni in the restaurant where Campari was first created, Camparino. 

Saturday night I ended the evening around the Duomo enjoying the beautiful structure, a cannoli, wine, and the sounds of Italy. 

Sunday I walked the city some more and had a ticket to ascend the Duomo. This structure of 135 towers that took over 600 years to build is just amazing. It is an iconic symbol of Milan and the Milanese are proud of it. 

Monday I spent eleven hours in an airport lounge working and feeling so fortunate for this life I have created for myself. Milan may not have been on my mind one week prior but it surely won’t be leaving it soon. 

Now maybe I can stay in Amsterdam for a few weeks. 


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