Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day Nine | Good-Bye mom and dad, Oklahoma City Bombing Museum and another Walmart

Day nine (Friday, April 1) started early for us. OK, we weren't on the road until 8:26am but that was early for us! We have learned that we are not early birds. We left mom and dad (and Sassy) and headed to Oklahoma City.

We entered Oklahoma (our seventh state for the trip) ...

And arrived at the Oklahoma City Bombing Museum. This was my favorite museum of the trip. Wow. It was amazing. It gave us so much information about the bombing from the beginning to the end and it was done in good taste - you will have to see it to understand what I mean.

One chair for each person killed in the bombing.

We drove into Kansas after dark. So we pulled the RV up to the sign and snapped a shot! Welcome state number eight! Annelies looks a little crabby in the photo, and she was. When we saw the signed I yelled, "Hey guys!" so loud it completely freaked her out (she was watching a movie in the back). Her heart was racing so fast, because she thought Scott had a heart attack (Why? I have no idea)!

We arrived in Hutchinson Kansas at another Walmart parking lot to sleep for the night. Scott and I agree this is our favorite overnight location. It feels safe and we are always welcomed (with a quick call ahead to the manager). We can arrive, open up the RV and be sleeping within minutes. And all for free ... we love it!

Day nine:  579 miles (2,677 total). $219.02 on gas ($1,329.57 total). $27.40 on souvenirs ($80 total). $60 tourist traps ($490.55 total). Four states (Eight total). No fights (0 total). No injuries (1 total).

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