Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Day One: Lots of Driving

Sorry to say Day One wasn't very exciting. Picked Annelies up from school at 3:00, drove to the airport to rent our van, stopped at my sister's to park our vehicle, made a quick stop at McDonald's for dinner and wifi so we could jailbreak Scott's phone for MyWi (forgot to do it before we left), and headed south for 741 miles. We stopped a couple times for bathroom breaks and gas, but other than that our goal was to put some miles behind us. 

We ended at Davenport, Iowa for good nights rest. Accomplished. 

Today (Wednesday) Paradis said, "Why haven't we stopped for any state signs yet?" Sounds like she misses them. I may fake a state stop as we continue on our drive.

Day One: 741 miles (741 total); $51.70 on gas ($51.70 total); 2 states (2 total); $64.99 Lodging ($64.99 total); $0 Souvenirs ($0 total); $0 Tourist Traps ($0 total); $4 Redbox  ($4 total); 0 fights (0 total); 0 injuries (0 total)

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