Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day Two: Pearl Harbor, Chinatown, the Beach and a Selfie Stick

Day two started at 1:45am for me. The time change is five (5) hours, and as I laid with my eyes wide open I thought "Why not just get up, it is really 6:45?". So I showered and walked to the 24 hour diner. During my 15 minute walk, at 2:30am, I quickly realized I wasn't the only girl on the street. But I clearly was the only one wearing underwear, flat shoes, and carrying a Thirty-One bag filled with knitting!

I returned to the room after a lovely breakfast and woke up my crew. We left around 6:30am to the same diner for breakfast and then to Pearl Harbor. We had tickets reserved for 8:00am. Hawaii Tip: Reserve your Pearl Harbor tickets in advance. 

I've been trying to figure out what to write about Pearl Harbor. It is a wonderful memorial honoring all the lives lost that day, and I've been wanting to come here for years. The Park Service has done a great job telling the history. The boat ride to the Arizona is very moving. To stand over that ship, which entombs the soldiers that went down with it and still weeps oil from nearly 75 years ago, is simply beautiful. Just beautiful. We learned a lot and enjoyed the exhibits.

We spent the morning at Pearl Harbor and on our way back to our hotel we stopped at Chinatown. We thought it would make a good lunch stop, and it did. We experienced some new foods (I couldn't do the pig snout) and shopped.

I have said this before, but the four of us belong on the beach. This afternoon we found ourselves back at home, on Waikiki Beach. Paradis instantly takes to the water, Annelies starts in the water and ends up in the sand (sometimes literally), Scott roams around, and I comfortably carve my tush into the sand, and rest. Okay, sometimes I knit. I wish every state was surrounded by beach. 

After exposing our freakishly white bodies to the sun and sand we showered and went to dinner at Bohu. They had fresh Mexican cuisine that was absolutely fabulous (and I'm confident the margaritas did not influence my opinion). Both girls like to order drinks; Paradis likes Mai Tais and Annelies enjoys Pina Coladas. They don't ask for virgin, because we assume it is just ... assumed. At Bohu the waiter asked for Paradis' ID. I think we have moved on to a new phase in life.

On our walk home (read the quote wall for good laugh) I bought a selfie stick. I know these are mainly used by teenagers, but I tell you I love this thing. Love, love, love it. It is like a tripod for your phone. The girls hate it. They are so embarrassed they said they will never pose for it (I've always been proud of my girls for not following teenage norms, but I'm not feeling that way now). Watch for some awesome photos!
We ended the evening getting packed. We will head to the airport at 6:30am to board a flight to Maui where will stay for a full week. We are all looking forward to the beach, and some simple relaxing. It was a great first full day in Hawaii. 

Day Two: $9.55 gas ($9.55 total); $152.68 Lodging ($305.36 total); $15.90 Souvenirs ($15.90 total); $6 Tourist Traps ($6 total); 0 fights (0 total). || Airfare for entire trip: $8,470.08 (of which $7,228.08 was free, using miles). Car Rental for entire trip: $469.76. Note: I'm not tracking driving miles, Redbox rentals or states (2 total) for this trip.

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