Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day Four: Yellowstone!

After a scrumptious breakfast, we drove into Yellowstone National Park.
Yellowstone National Park
We stopped at the Visitor Center, picked up a Junior Ranger booklet, and planned our day. Today we will drive the North Loop, and end at Grant Village where we are staying the night. Our first stop was along the road for a picnic lunch. I didn't really drink from this container, I'm just so stinkin' funny and continue to amaze my children every day. 

We stopped at our first 'hot spring' (Mud Spring) and I'll tell ya ... this place stinks! Yikes. I don't think enough people share the knowledge of how horrible the sulfur smell is in Yellowstone. The landscape is amazing, the wild life is fabulous, but the sulfur smell is absolutely disgusting. The only good thing about the sulfur smell is you can fart next to a complete stranger, and they will never know. 

Stinky springs!

Mud Spring
But the springs were truly amazing to watch (through our water filled eyes). We spent the next 8 1/2 hours driving the North Loop through Yellowstone, stopping about every 15 minutes. The landscape is so diverse we couldn't help but pull over for more photos. The wild life is amazing as well; we saw tons of bison, but also elk and grizzly bears.

A Ranger Talk, earning the girls a Junior Ranger Patch
I love this photographer!
Mammoth Springs
We spent the evening having dinner at Canyon Village. It was a near perfect day. The complete lack of cellular service helped I'm pretty sure. I'll end with this photo taken by our waitress. Really? How can you get everything in focus, except for the portion we really want to see? Ugh. Oh well ... I think it captures the fact it was a great dinner to a great day.

No stats tonight. I'm working off $11.95 wi-fi service at Grant Village Lodge, and I'm going to bed. Good night!

Stat update ... Day Four: 194 Miles (1,307 total); Gas $16.42 ($136.23 total); Lodging $193.43 ($560.63 total); Souvenirs $93.46 ($165.27 total); Tourist Traps $50 ($122 total); Fights 0 (0 total); Injuries 0 (0 total); Redbox $0 ($11.06 total); Transportation $0 ($278 total)

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