Monday, June 22, 2015

Day Six: A Good-Bye, Long Drive and Devil's Tower

The morning started early. I apologize to my fellow campground companions whom I'm sure we woke with our roaring engine when we departed at 5:30am. I'm getting back at the family with the screaming kids from the night before. I'm reminded why we don't camp. Although, for the record I slept like a Princess straight through until 4:00am, but Paradis and Scott apparently didn't. Travel tip: Earplugs. Wear them every night. I need my sleep, and earplugs are my salvation.
We drove into Jackson and dropped Paradis off at the Jackson Hole airport. This was our view driving through the Grand Tetons. Looks painted, doesn't it?
Grand Tetons
It was a beautiful drive, and the airport rocks. Free short-term parking I'm sure helped form that opinion. Paradis is headed to the University of Nebraska for a week-long Thespian Festival. I have a feeling the next few years we will experience many more of these send offs for this fine young woman.
Paradis at Jackson Hole Airport
Annelies, now our only-child, slept for four hours while we drove. That is a record. Annelies never sleeps in the vehicle. On our drive through the Grand Tetons, Scott and I saw a black bear along the road (in the middle of the photo, to the left of the tree). By the time we turned around it was too far for a great photo, but I'm including for Paradis (so sorry you missed it).

And we drove. And drove. And drove. Until we reached Devil's Tower, a National Monument, near Sundance Wyoming. Holy toledo! That thing is HUGE! I've seen photos, but didn't realize it was so large. A great little stop just north of highway 90.

Our only child decided she didn't want to experience the National Park stop without her big sister, so Scott and I went in alone. I guess we are empty nesters for the next two days. We hiked around the 'base' of the tower; an easy mile walk. It was nice, because all the sides are so different. The weather, once again, was perfect.

We wrapped up the night at Bear's Lodge Hotel in Sundance, just a half-hour drive from the Tower near I-90. Tomorrow we head home. It was an uneventful, good day.
Day Six: 558 Miles (1,971 total); Gas $33.07 ($200.65 total); Lodging $70.00 ($696.20 total); Souvenirs $14.63 ($200.99 total); Tourist Traps $10 ($132 total); Fights 0 (0 total); Injuries 0 (0 total); Redbox $3.20 ($14.26 total); Transportation $0 ($278 total)

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