Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Final Post: Wyoming 2015

Wyoming, 2015 has come to an end. For all my statistics fans, here are the Final Stats of Wyoming 2015:

  • States: Five (5), one new - Wyoming
  • Miles: 2,649
  • Miles per Gallon (average): 24.69
  • Gas Price per Gallon (average): $2.82
  • Total Gas Cost: $270.48
  • National Park Sites: Five (5)
  • Lodging: $627.59
  • Souvenirs: $200.99
  • Tourist Traps: $132.00
  • Redbox Rentals: $14.26
  • Car Rental: $263.18
  • Fights: 0
  • Injuries: 0
  • Views on this blog: 1,676
  • Knitting Projects: Two (2); Infant monster pants and incomplete summer t-shirt
This was, yet another, great trip. Taking one week to see Wyoming seemed perfect. This fall Paradis (16) starts college at the University of Minnesota and Annelies (13) will be entering 7th grade. Yikes. I'm so glad I have this blog to remind me of all the good adventures we have had together. I think this picture is my favorite from the trip because it really does capture how much we laugh. No doubt they were all laughing at me, but none-the-less we were laughing. 

The Drivin' the Dream Team

We have seven (7) states remaining to complete Drivin' the Dream. Next summer (2016) we will visit six states in the northeast, and Alaska in 2017. 

This is the ninth trip I have documented on this blog. As of today (June 23, 2015), there have been 18,314 views (1,700 for this trip alone). As I have said before, I started this blog to document our family adventures, I never expected others to enjoy reading it as well. However, I am so happy you have. I just love all the messages I receive from many of you.

Happy travels everyone! Get out there and enjoy this great country!
 - Rae Ann (raeann.vandeputte@gmail.com and Spiderwomen on Ravelry)

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