Sunday, April 15, 2018

Day Five: BIG Delay

Sheldon and I were suppose to fly back to Minneapolis today. We are still in Cancun.

As I mentioned in my previous post it has been snowing in Minnesota. Well, I am fairly confident this will be a snow storm everyone will remember because they were up to fifteen (15) inches in most parts of the twin cities. Just crazy.

Saturday I called Sun Country knowing all the flights out of Cancun were cancelled that day. The weather experts said the snow was going to continue into Sunday, when our flight was scheduled, so we thought we would avoid an overnight stay in the airport and grab a Monday flight. I must have dialed the Sun Country phone number a hundred times before getting through the "all lines are busy" message. After finally getting through I was on hold for over an hour-and-a-half. I finally got through to be told the next available flight was Wednesday! read that right...Wednesday! We grabbed it. It is now Sunday evening and our original flight has still not left Cancun.

So we found an Airbnb just a couple doors down, reached out to some friends to help with Anna, contacted my manager about extending my vacation through Thursday (who replied "I'm happy to hear your news...") and figured we would just make due with being stuck in Cancun during what I imagine will be a historical April storm in Minnesota. 

Apparently there are some pretty angry people about this whole Sun Country debacle (article from Star Tribune). My Facebook feed is filled with rulers in the snow so we decided to post our own...

We are suffering through the sun, sand and siestas...we will update you as we adjust to this interruption in our plans. 

p.s. I forgot a quote I wanted to add...there is a dress code at most resort restaurants and ours was no different. Sheldon was wearing tight swim trunks one day and as we entered the restaurant for lunch the hostess said "I'm sorry. We have a dress code. You can't come in wearing your underwear." It cracked me up. 

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