Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Final: Cancun 2018

This will be my final post for Cancun 2018. I am home. Same shoes...same day...different footing...

Despite the adjustment to our schedule, and a few extra dollars added to the trip's budget, I had an excellent time. Sheldon was a great travel mate. He poured over the one map we were given at our resort (which no one read but the two of us). He loved to plan out the day with me, which consisted of which restaurant we would eat at, which lounge chairs we would plop our butts into and our drink choice for the day.

We stayed at GR Caribe by Solaris for the first few days (all-inclusive) and Oleo a couple doors down, via Airbnb, the last couple (had an $80/day all-inclusive option we did not buy). Both were great and I would recommend. A bit different, but both lovely.

Both are walking distance to Navios, a spectacular restaurant on the lagoon. Wow...good food...great scenery...and a lovely setting.

Watching the sunrise, and sometimes the sunset, is one of my favorite things to do while at the beach. We caught it many mornings during this trip, so I'm leaving this as my last thought.

My happy place...

Thanks for following me friends. Get out there, even if it is a stay-cation near your home...happy travels! - Rae Ann


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