Sunday, July 15, 2018

Final: Boston, Sculptures & Tipsy Carpentry

I'm sitting on my return flight to Minneapolis. Another early one...3am wake up call for a 6am flight. Yikes, I'm going to need a vacation from this mini-vacation. That is what you get with a $107 flight.

Yesterday I arrived in Boston and Mary picked me up at South Station. We made our way to Cambridge and ate at one of her favorite restaurants for which I'm familiar...Border Cafe. Good food and great margaritas. We made our way to deCordova, a sculpture park in Lincoln. It was a peaceful walk allowing us time to talk endlessly as we caught up with one another.

Mary at deCordova
We stopped at a community garden for some bread, eggs, cheese and a second stop for wine. After consuming a large portion of my bottle Mary mentioned she had a couple projects she could use help with, including hanging a curtain rod. I'm not super confident the rod is straight, but it is hung and hopefully the darkness will allow her to sleep in a bit later on mornings which her schedule allows.

We settled into her living room where we talked the night away. I just love this woman. She is not only brilliant, but loving, honest and has an amazing way of challenging our thoughts in a positive way. I adore her.

With my 3am wake up call looming I settled into her guest bedroom where I had a view of a good high school friend. As I fell asleep that night I couldn't help but think about the happy memories with him, including learning to drive a stick-shift and figuring out how to hide alcohol from our parents. I continue to be amazed by how life is simply one big circle of decisions and experiences.

I end this post with 51,141 views and so many more adventures in my future. The girls and I will be making our way to Madeline Island in a couple weeks...I'll be back in touch to document the adventure.

Safe travels everyone!
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  1. I love your travel logs. And I love you.

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