Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Island: Road Trippin' & Plenty of Laughs

Greetings friends. The girls and I are back on the road...literally. Yesterday we drove through the heart of Wisconsin and made our way to Madeline Island - the largest of the Apostle Islands. I'm writing this post overlooking Gitchi-Gami (AKA Lake Superior).

Prior to departing, Annelies created a playlist titled "Car" with a description of "Singing your heart out when you are in the car". She got her license a couple weeks ago and was excited about being a part of the pool of eligible drivers. From our (nearly) five hours on the road, she drove 50 minutes. Yes, you read that right...fifty minutes, and fifteen of that was complaining she was so tired. Thankfully Paradis drove the rest of the way while I crocheted in the back seat...yes, crocheted (which hasn't been a part of my pastime for a few years now).

Annelies expressing her feelings toward driving
Despite the struggles over who would sleep in the passenger seat, it was a fun drive up north. Our travels are always filled with lots of laughs. After a few McDonalds stops for drinks we landed in Bayfield and stopped in a few shops. We picked up s'more fixings and jumped on the ferry to the island.

Ferry Ride to Madeline Island
We are staying at an Airbnb, called Deerpath. Carol and Neil have been vacationing on Madeline for thirty years and have a lovely home alongside Lake Superior.

We drove into town (keep in mind this is an island) and got some pizza and a burger at Grampa Tony's (it was good). Of course we had to sample some of their ice cream as well.

Our goal was to return to Deerpath, build a bonfire, and enjoy some s'mores. But we got sucked into Annelies' bed watching goofy videos and laughing until we ended just as it should have. Paradis did walk outside for a few minutes to have a private phone conversation with her boyfriend and got huge welts on the the bottom of her butt cheeks, most likely from mosquitos...wish I could post a photo of that one because Annelies and I both got a good laugh from it.

It was a good first day on the island...

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