Sunday, July 29, 2018

Final: Scooters, the Beach & Punch

Day two on the island began with renting scooters. We have been waiting a long time for this day, when all of us had our license and this would be possible. Let me tell you, this is definitely our preferred mode of transportation. If you are a follower of my blog you may remember the time we went kayaking in Acadia Park...this was much easier! Afterward Anna started searching for scooters on Facebook Marketplace; she loved it.

Annelies & Paradis Scootering on Madeline Island

The Open Road - Madeline Island

Rae Ann & Paradis

The scooters included a pass to the State Park so we drove there, walked along the water and returned. We only rented for one hour, but the $86 was well worth it. We returned to our rental, changed into our suits and went to Big Bay Town Park. We simply hung out at the beach, the girls collected rocks for our collection jars, and I visited with my friend Michael (which included meeting his lovely wife and wicked smart son). How is it we can be on a small island and I run into someone I know...small world.

Big Bay Town Park Madeline Island

Annelies on the Beach - In the Shade Watching Netflix

Collecting Rocks

The sun sucks our energy, so we returned to our rental and napped for a couple hours (we love naps!). We were told Tom's Burnt Down Cafe is the place to be on a Saturday night on the island so we made our way there. If you haven't been, it is basically a trucker trailer with some refrigerators sitting alongside a bunch of lean-to structures (think "shit hole"). Not sure why it is called a cafe, we never saw food. We were told the Rum Punch was the drink of choice so we ordered a couple...holy shit those things were pure alcohol! We walked across the road to Beach Club where we ordered fish tacos and a burger. The tacos were good but we feel my friend Michael described the burger best "some people say it is the best burger...maybe the best on the island". The company was good. We returned to our rental, built a fire, cooked some s'mores, made friends with Abby the house dog, and simply hung out. It was a lovely evening.

Tom's Rum Punch
Tom's Burnt Down Cafe

Abby and Paradis
I'm writing this on our drive home (Paradis is driving, Anna is sleeping in the back). Paradis said it best "this was a great little get away for the summer". I agree.

Thanks for following me, once again, my friends. I end this trip with 51,440 views and even more travel adventures in my brain.

Hope to see you on the road some day, Rae Ann

p.s. Huge thanks to Paradis for driving!

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