Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Day Nine: Lisbon, Walking and Fado

Day nine brought us to Lisbon by way of an uneventful flight. After a crazy Uber ride we landed at our cute apartment in Alfama. We spent the remaining day exploring Alfama. 

Baby beers...

Throughout our trip we came across many what we called “Instagram Boyfriends” taking “stylish” photos of their girlfriends. The girlfriends pose. They shoot the photo. Both review the photos. The girlfriend suggests different angles. They pose again. Repeat. Steve could barely keep a straight face as I forced him to pose for me. 

This was a typical scene...Steve leading us through the streets of Alfama. He had a perfect walking tour that gave us a nice view of what the area had to offer. 

The tiled buildings are beautiful. 

Look closely at the dogs mouth. So. Cute. 

The drink Ginga is very popular. It is a cherry flavored drink served in a chocolate cup. Yummy. 

We also tried a pastel de bacalhse, a deep fried codfish and potato nugget with cheese. Paired with port. Super yummy. 

Since we snacked along our walk we wanted something light and ended up having a hotdog with ham and cheese. Very good. 

We ended the evening listening to fado. Fado is Portuguese music that is sad, but beautiful. I had no idea what they were saying and yet found myself crying I was so moved. 

My favorite photo of this entire trip is below. We listened to fado in a tiny bar where you had to walk between the guitarist to reach the bathroom and wait until the set was over. Here is Steve waiting for the set to complete. He looks like a serial killer. 

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