Friday, October 4, 2019

Final Post: Spain, Morocco, and Portugal

This will be my final post. Our last breakfast was in a cute cafe in our building, Mimos.

We flew Lisbon to Toronto to Chicago to Minneapolis. On our first flight I sat next to...a cat. 

In Toronto, where we went through US Customs, I was selected for a “random” personal check. I never get nervous about the stuff I’m bringing back for my collection jars. Not. 

Do you know about the app Polarsteps? It is a really cool way to track the places you've visited and show a map at the end. I wish I had this thirty years ago. This is just a screenshot but click here to view details of my trip via the app. It tracks your stats as well!

Sitting in Chicago, ready to board our last flight, here is our last selfie. I look tired. I was.

In full disclosure, a couple times prior to this trip I would ask myself “what the hell am I doing traveling with a stranger?” But I couldn’t have asked for a better travel buddy. Steve is organized, has a great sense of direction, is adventurous, kind, smart, and funny as hell. Of course he would rather be traveling with his love Amy, and I would rather be traveling with the hot Moroccan desk attendant from our riad, but considering neither of those were in the cards (at least this trip) it was a great solution for two wanderlust hearts. 

We transcended through bits of Europe and dipped our toes into Africa. We learned so much about those parts of the world and became friends. What an adventure!

  • Days: Twelve (12)
  • Countries: Six (6)
  • Continents: Three (3)
  • Miles: 11,789
  • Steps:190,758 (94.82 miles)
  • Stairs: 212
  • Sangria's: Lots
  • Views on blog: 67,343
On Monday I start a new job. I’ll be consulting with a company that allows me to work fully remote. My goal is to begin leaving Minnesota winters November of 2021; changing jobs was my first step toward that goal. 

Get outside your comfort zone my friends. Explore. Connect. Grow. Learn. 

I’ll see you soon! Rae Ann

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