Sunday, September 29, 2019

Day Eight: Marrakech Crazy and Food

Day eight started with a nice breakfast at our hostel. Steve 

Our next goal was to simply walk the medina, which is the heart of the town. Within minutes, while looking at our map, we were approached by someone wanting to help with directions. He began leading us to an area we were not planning to go. We knew we were played. Steve calls it “Marrakech 101”. But the story itself was well worth getting suckered (we didn’t spend any money). 

The rest of the day we simply looked around. It is hot. And I mean H.O.T. But being in the covered streets made it tolerable. I can’t describe how crazy the streets are. Donkeys pulling carts, motorcycles speeding through the alleys, exhaust burning your nose. It is like sensory overload. 

The shopping isn’t much different than Mexico in that everyone is calling you into their shop and haggling prices. I bought a couple scarves and got some spices for my collection jars, of which I’m pumped about! 

So many men were helpful as we were navigating our way through the crazy streets and figuring out what things were. This guy spent time telling us about all the things they use for medicinal purposes and had us smell so many things (of which several cleared out our sinuses!). 

As we were walking down the street I sarcastically said to Steve “hey, you should get a belt” and some guy started chasing after him with belts. Oops. 

We stopped for a drink in the streets and couscous at Cafe Araba (where they had alcohol). We made our way back to our room so I could rinse off, change my sweaty clothes and have a couple mojitos. 

Next up was our Food Coma...I mean Food Tour. We did it through Marrakech Food Tours and it was fabulous, but I ate so much! I need to learn to pace myself next time. 

First up was lamb tagine and sheep head. Can you see the jaw in the middle? Some guy ate the eyeball. 

Next we got olives. Did you know green and black are the same, just black is ripened longer? 

Next was harissa and lentil soup along with a pancake. Here is where I got full. But wait...

Ever had ground up sardines made into a patty? We did. We also had sheep spleen. 

My favorite...donuts! So yummy. I found room for them. 

Next up we’re snails, of which Steve and I skipped. I just couldn’t. 

Thought I was full before but then we landed on this yummy couscous. Oh my. 

Last stop was smoothies (mine was avocado, almond milk and vanilla) and Moroccan cookies. Yummy but I was so full. 

Food coma, the only way to describe it. But it was fun. 

Our last night in Marrakech and we both agreed it was great but two days was enough. We could have done other things but we got a good flavor of Marrakech. Tomorrow we head to Lisbon. 

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