Sunday, March 19, 2023

Poland: Final Post

This will be the final post of my Poland adventure. I came for work and also did some exploring. It was a great trip. 

My impressions and observations:
  • Polish people are very kind
  • The food is good. Lots of potatoes. 
  • The architecture in Krakow is beautiful
  • The history of Poland is difficult but rich and important
  • The cost of things is reasonable 
  • Krakow feels very safe
  • There are no pedestrian crossing lights in Krakow. When they see you at a crosswalk all traffic stops. You cannot stand on the sidewalk and wait for them to pass; they will stop for you. 
  • Lots of men look like Ukraine President Zelenskyy, especially when dressed in army green
  • Polish people walk super fast
  • My Cora dress and Moto jacket, with tights, is a great work outfit. 

I’m collecting Delta trading cards you get from the pilots. If anyone has something they want to trade hit me up!

Final stats: 
- Three countries: United States, Amsterdam, Poland
- New Country: Poland (#27)
- Miles flew: 12,474
- Miles walked: 46.77 (4.67 mi/day)
- Workshops for work completed: Five (5)
- Page views: 253,455

Here is my Polarsteps overview:

To my new wooly friends, welcome. I only post when I travel so I will see you on my next adventure!

Safe and happy travels everyone! Rae Ann


  1. Thanks for the Poland tour. I was there in 1987 and remember it fondly, but also with a heavy heart (Auschwitz was a tough day). I loved the people there (and the Polish vodka). It was fun to hear about your adventures!

  2. Yes, Auschwitz was a tough day but it is so important we learn from the past. Thanks for following along.