Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Cuba: Country #28

I am in Cuba, my first communist country and number 28. Wow, it has been a journey getting here. 

First, this trip was originally scheduled for April 30, 2020. Yes. The delay was due to COVID. I hate COVID. Second, it is illegal for Americans to travel to Cuba for tourism so there are hoops to jump through to…not be a tourist. Third, Cuba is struggling economically right now because of the hardship COVID has had on the tourism industry and…communism (Rae Ann’s opinion). 

But I arrived after three flights, 2,825 miles, and twelve (12) hours. 

That is not an AeroGarden. I pulled the box from my apartment dumpster to pack items I’m bringing to donate to the Cuban people (e.g., medicine, coloring books, crayons, toilet paper) that didn’t fit in my bag. 

For my new wool& followers that arrived here from the article they wrote about me I’m posting photos of what I packed for this six day, hot and humid adventure. 

Poppy tank, Stella scoop , RipSkirt skirt (first trip), Duckworth Vapor wool skirt. Axis leggings, dress, blue Willow, black Willow (both altered to remove sleeves), t-shirt, Moto, and rain jacket. 

Hat, two pair Frankie shorts for underwear under my dresses, one pair wool underwear, two wool bras (Branwyn), two pair wool socks, swim suit, scarf, and pashmina wrap. 

My goal for this trip, when I booked it four years ago, was to see Cuba before it changed. What I mean by that is before things improved and the classic cars disappeared. Well, no worries about that now because of COVID. I booked a tour for this adventure because that is one of the requirements to get around not touring. You are “supporting the Cuban people”. Basically, not the government. It is hard to get my head around being in a communist country and having stores ran by the government. I’ll talk more about that later. 

After arriving in Havana I was picked up in a classic car. The diesel fumes were horrible but I looked cool. 

I settled into my casa and walked downstairs for some bruschetta and a mojito. Or two. 

I was ready for a shower when the electricity went out. In the entire city. I took a cold shower in the dark. Welcome to Cuba. 

Tomorrow I have friends joining me. I’m so excited! 

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