Friday, March 17, 2023

Poland: Return to Work Travel

I have not traveled for work in three years and my first trip following COVID was to Krakow, Poland. A bit crazy considering my territory is the Americas but I was excited to hop across the pond on someone else’s dime. 

The three flights were uneventful and super productive as I worked a ton. 

After 22 hours of travel I landed in Krakow, and despite being exhausted from giving up sleep for work, I joined a walking tour of the Jewish Quarters. My goal while changing time zones is to hit it hard and get on the schedule as soon as possible.

The tour’s topic was heavy but the guide was very informative. I’m not kidding when I say I fell asleep standing up. I was exhausted. 

The City Centre is beautiful. The Nazi’s did not destroy the city, like Warsaw, because they used it to capture slaves for their work. 

A jewish cemetery that survived the Nazi occupation because they used it as a garbage dump. 

The Jews lived in tight communities to support one another, which included their homes, horse stables, and working quarters. This is a location where Schindlers List was filmed. It is where the Nazi’s broke into homes and threw personal belongings over the balconies.

This is a square in Krakow called Hero’s Square. The chairs represent the chairs the Jews would bring to this square to wait for processing by the Nazi’s. 

I ended my first night eating Pierogi’s with a shot of vodka at the hotel. 

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