Saturday, January 28, 2023

Wool for the Win!

I have been wearing a high-quality wardrobe, necessary for my minimalist lifestyle, for 788 days. I began by wearing a dress for 100 days in a row (which occurred during the winter I lived at the beach). The dress is from Wool& and I have since built my entire wardrobe around what they sell. 

They interviewed me about my lifestyle. You can see the article here. I think it is cool. 

I have always lived my life by what makes sense, or what feels good, which most often fights cultural norms. Focusing on my adventures instead of what people think about my clothes or looks is not always easy emotionally but “stuff” weighs us down and I love how light I feel! 

If the article intrigued you about trying out the benefits of wool or owning a high-quality wardrobe I endorse Wool& for women and Wool and Prince for men. Reach out if you want to know where to start ( 

Happy adventuring! Rae Ann

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