Thursday, April 13, 2023

Cuba Day Two

My second day in Cuba I spent a day with Claudia and Joel on a full day tour of Havana, booked through Airbnb. 

I was picked up by Joel in a classic Chevrolet. These cars are everywhere in Cuba. Yes, they attract visitors for photos but they are also necessary because it is very difficult to buy new cars. They are handed down within families. 

We drove to Plaza of the Revolution where they celebrate Jose Marti and Ernesto “Che” Guevara.  

There are not many green parks in Havana but we went to one. You will see remnants of animal feathers which are used in Afro-Cuban religious ceremonies. 

Then we went to Fusterlandia, the work of the artist Fuster. With influences from Gaudi and Picasso, he built this for the people of the community to bring in money and purpose. 

I had a traditional meal of ropa vieja and we walked around old Havana. Claudia showed us her ration book which gives them their monthly ration book which on this day gave each person a five pound bag of chicken, a bottle of oil, five pounds of sugar, and some smaller items. They also get one loaf of bread a day per person and five eggs per month. 

We finished the day with a lovely drink on a rooftop overlooking the water. I returned to the casa to shower, take a nap, and sort money. I need to write about the money system here later as well. Great day. 

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